Artist album covers are replaced with compilation covers

  • 11 February 2020
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I strongly dislike compilation albums. I know they’re the same songs, but when a song plays I want the artist’s cover art and not some weird compilation artwork.

However I can live with it if I’m listening to my Flow, but why does it happen in my playlists when I’ve specifically chosen the appropriate album? It’s annoying to painstakingly find the appropriate album (with the appropriate cover art), add it to my playlist, DOWNLOAD the playlist so it’s local, and I still get the compilation album being substituted.

I want the artist’s original cover art… not “Sweating to the Oldie’s ‘98”. What am I doing wrong that it keeps substituting?

5 replies

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Hello @robinson29, could you provide me with examples of your playlists and of specific tracks with which you had this issue, so I can check on our side?

On a personal level, I do share your opinion about compilations :sweat_smile: The “Sweating to the Oldies ‘98” made my day :joy:

Thank you for your feedback

Sure. I favourited “If I Die Young” from The Band Perry’s album “The Band Perry”, and added it to my “everyday” playlist.

Now look at the screenshots below. You’ll see that it’s changed to “If I Die Young” from the “Sad Songs” compilation in my playlist and that version is now my favourite. You’ll also see that on The Band Perry’s album page that the version I want isn’t favourited any longer.

I chose “The Band Perry” but got substituted “Sad Songs”. I’ve even deleted and re-downloaded, but that only lasts about a day before the substitution happens again. 



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Thanks @robinson29 , I’ll try to figure out how that’s happening.

Cheers :wink:

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Hi @robinson29 

In the meantime, have you tried clearing the app's cache? Also, have you checked the playlists' settings?

I recommend you to block the compilation versions by selecting the option "don't recommend this track" from the player. Keep us posted too :thumbsup_tone2:

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If track is not available in your country from that label in release, Deezer will try to replace it with another. Seems like on compilation from other label it is available. This is why you see different cover. It might help if you delete track from your playlist and add it again from search results.

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