Android app redesign 2019 - feedback

  • 6 September 2019
  • 3 replies

There are a few things that annoy me about the redesign.
The background color of the player is now either dark gray or a very bright color; sometimes the color is unrelated to the album - bright blue for "Off the Wall" by Michael Jackson. The old behavior was better and less staining on the eyes - heavily blurred album cover as background.

The mini player's play/pause button is now all the way on the left.

The new icon is too white. I find the old one looked better, especially the background.

Finally there is the play store. For some reason there are colored frames in the photos which I find distract from the content.

3 replies

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Hi there @Ovidiu.Chi

Thank you for your input and feedback. I've passed it on to our team here.
On a side note, have you tried our monochrome player under Dark Mode/Display settings?

I haven't tried dark mode, it may be ok. I've since reinstalled an older version of the app which I had as backup.
That being said, I'm usually not a fan of dark mode even in code editors where Solarized/Sepia is preferable in my view (think Financial Times website)
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Hi there @Ovidiu.Chi

You don't need to try dark mode, but within dark mode/display settings, check the monochrome player option.