Allow Us To Search All Playlists on Deezer

When I searched “Acoustic” in Deezer and went to the playlists section very few playlists showed up.
I don´t believe there are so few playlists with acoustic in their name. I think deezer doesnt show 
all the playlists with acoustic in their name. So I would like deezer to allow us to see them all.

Making Deezer a much more social place :)

But The True Feature I would like to suggest is that maybe deezer could have an advanced search option where we can search more specific playlists of other people. 

we could search playlists where therer is only a specific genre or from specific language or year.
that is why you should categorize music by the languages there are in a song.

if it is a song that has spanish and english add it in both categories etc..

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Hey @Sergi.Sanz 

Once more, I'll be passing this feedback to our Search team :thumbsup_tone2:

I hope Deezer is working on this...