Add Support for Google Home - Digital Wellbeing Explicit Music Filter (Only allow non-explicit music)

  • 20 August 2019
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Please add support for the Google Home Digital Well-being explicit filter. The setting specifically is called "Only allow-non-explicit music" (screenshot is attached)

Currently it seems only YouTube Music, Google Play music, and Spotify support this....

I have my Deezer account linked to Google Home and this restricted music setting enabled, and it tells me "I can't play music from Deezer when content filter is turned on"

3 replies

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Hi there @ta2744_2

Thank you for letting us know about the functionality. We'll be passed the feedback on and hopefully it can get implemented on our side 👍🏼

Any update on this? I'm running into the same problem. I chose Deezer over Tidal mostly for the filters, but not being able to use a linked Deezer account without casting is really annoying. 

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We get you @jesseprater 

No updates yet, we're taking longer than usual to improve our integration with Google Home devices but we haven't dropped the towel. Subscribe to the topic to stay tuned and perhaps we can make you forget other services in the near future :wink: