A-Z list for Albums and Artists on Deezer iOS and desktop apps

  • 16 August 2020
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G’Day from Australia!

The alphabet list on the right of screen for Artists in the IOS app is awesome. I can almost go straight to the artist I want without scrolling thru screen after screen ….after screen. Its a great thing!

PLEASE add this feature to Albums too! I have many more Albums than Artists. I assume most people do.

But not only on IOS. Please add it to Albums and Artists in the Windows app (Windows doesn’t have it at all!!!).

It seems like such an obvious tool when you use it that you can’t imagine it not being there.

Cheers :slight_smile:


7 replies

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Hey @AudioRob 

Thanks for the enthusiasm and suggestions. I confess I'm a fan of the A-Z list too.

So I've forwarded your comments to our mobile and desktop app teams. They've already acknowledged what you've said and it'll be put to discussion with product managers and others to see if it can be implemented in the future :v_tone2:

I second this. I used an old version of the Deezer app on mac for years which had A-Z list for albums and it was great. I bought a new laptop recently and had to upgrade to the latest Deezer client and now have to view all my albums in rows of 4 Album covers. I’ve been using it for a few months now, but still miss a list mode. I just wish I could collapse the window horizontally and once it hits a threshold the rows of 4 albums converts to an A-Z list. That way the window could be even more compact too like the original deezer desktop app was. 

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Thanks a lot @JamMaestro 

This is the kind of feedback we love, from a long-standing user perspective!

I'll be forwarding your comments to the teams, they'll really like it :thumbsup_tone2:

Thanks @Rudi !

One reason I picked Deezer over Spotify when I was weighing up who to throw my lot in with years ago was that the Deezer client was much more compact and less invasive, where as Spotify was this full screen experience in the vein of iTunes which I hated. So anything that helps me keep it compact is good thing I reckon !

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And you keep it coming! @JamMaestro :sweat_smile:

But let's be fair, it's hard to please everyone. Sometimes here in the community, I see users asking for more complex features in terms of UI/UX. Our teams are always challenging themselves to keep the interface light and precise, but at the same time, we also want to add these must-needed features that everyone asks for. We're always trying to balance this, with the majority of users always in mind :v_tone2:

@Rudi haha, no totally understand Rudi. I fully understand that balance. I actually have an app of my own - Jam Maestro - and I’m constantly emailed with ‘must have’ features that I need to add that only 2% of the users will care about and will clutter the interface for the rest. 

Nice to be one of those users myself for a chance though :grin:

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I personally enjoy all sorts of discussion here, as Deezer's community manager. I agree that there's a commercial reason to introduce features for the majority of users. But there's always that 1% that has a brilliant idea or an idea that actually works well with our future plans. I am proud myself to individually engage with all of them, especially being a user at the same time. That's the only way Deezer can grow and be a personable and inclusive experience to its users @JamMaestro