A big thank you to Deezer

  • 27 November 2020
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Didn’t  see anywhere I can contact you directly… it’s weird. 

anyway Just wanted to say that when I joined Deezer 3 months ago and they had only an EP instead of a full album that I wanted and I wrote about it and today I find out that the holl album is there :) wow!!! Thank you! 

There really should be a button to give you feedback good or bad in the app itself. 

there’s also lots of bugs that I believe you don’t know about because in order to report a problem you have to go the site and search the right place and I see so many bugs that I want to report but there’s no option and it takes so much time! you’ll have to change it in order to improve and grow… Just saying :) 


At the bottom line… Everything’s with a smile :) 

I really enjoy my HIFI subscription at Deezer it’s great!! Thank you.

4 replies

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Hey @Yossi 

Thanks a lot for the great feedback - how refreshing! :heartbeat:

I'm glad you're enjoying our HiFi subscription. In order to report bugs within the app, you can try pressing and hold 3 fingers on your screen. That should open a report that'll go directly to our devs.

Alternatively, our community here is the best place for that :grin:

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I'm using it mostly on my Desktop pc. What do you do to open it there?


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You can report problems with a song by opening the 3-dot dropdown menu of the song. If you choose “Other”, you can also add a short description, e.g. when a FLAC file stops at a certain position.

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I saw this option but it's not enough and when you try to explain in "other" it stops you after a few words.