3rd party cookies in Deezer app

  • 15 August 2020
  • 7 replies

Common guys, we pay you money, why do you even need to ask us to accept all these 3rd party advertising cookies? Please stop using these and asking us about ad related cookies.

7 replies

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Hi @Maksim.Krabov 

Sorry for the inconvenience. These don't change the way the app works, it's just the regulatory requirements we have to follow.

I'll be passing your feedback as well, have a good week :thumbsup_tone2:

Unacceptable that I have to reinstate that I do not want my data send to Facebook every time I open the Deezer app!

I keep rejecting all the cookies, but they keep asking me to accept them, are they trying to get more money from me by selling my personal data?. And don't say that "they are requiered for the app to work" because thats a lie, most of the cookies depicted on the picture are publicitary ones.

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Hello @Summer and @Juan José Guarín, this should be fixed today, could you check again tomorrow and let us know if the issue persists?

With the app up to date i am still experiencing the same issues.

The problem is solved. Thanks.

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Hello @Juan José Guarín, thanks a lot for letting us know, we appreciate :slight_smile: On which device have you noticed it’s solved?