What are the advantages of Deezer over Spotify?

A few friends of mine are migrating from Spotify to Deezer. I was wondering what are the pros X cons if you compare it with Spotify?

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Hi @RafaelCid

I moved over from Spotify about 2.5 years ago so I'm sure there's some things different since I left. A few pointers that I liked and the reason I moved:-

  • offline limit - Spotify only allows you to have 3,333 songs offline on a device. I know that's a lot but if you're going away/travelling then you'll want more - Deezer has no limit
  • My Favourites - when you listen to a track on Deezer and click the "heart" symbol to add it to your favourites it does just that - but it doesn't affect the Albums you "heart" to add to your favourite albums. Spotify frustrated me because if you added/liked 1 song from an album that album would then appear under "My albums" - it's makes your "My Music" library a mess
  • Deezer offer a Hi-Fi plan (only on certain devices) - which mean if you have a really nice sound system you can stream higher quality (FLAC/HIFI) music
  • Deezer works on some Fitbit and Garmin watches - allowing you to download tracks to your watch before you go for your run and you won't have to take your phone to listen to music
  • FLOW - I know spotify offers "discover weekly" etc. but Deezer's Flow is great. It's an instant mix based on your Favourite tracks etc... and the more you use it (either "Liking" or "Disliking" songs) the better it gets... great to just hit and go when you're not sure what you're in the mood for!
There's a few.... let us know your thoughts once you've been using it a while 🙂

(and any questions you think we can help with) 🙂
In my opinion the way Spotify saves songs in miles better than Deezer. Why your favourites in Deezer aren't saved under the artist I have no idea. I would love to be able to just go to an artist and shuffle my saved music from that artist (can do that on Spotify). Also saving your songs under the album is handy as well as it means you can play that album and miss out the songs you don't like. If you favourite a song in should be saved under songs, artists and albums in my opinion. This then gives you the most flexibility when listening without having to make up playlists or listening to songs you don't like
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Hi @Kevin Duncan

I understand your opinion about having albums added to favourite tracks but I personally don't like having my albums and favourites tracks mixed up because if I favourite a track it's simply that - a track. If I favourite an album it doesn't mean I want ever track in my favourite tracks.

However what you're looking for sort of already exists - if you choose "My Music" then "Shuffle My Music" this actually shuffles tracks from your library (not just favourite tracks).
Yeah I've maybe not quite made it clear what I mean. If I favourite a song I want it to save in albums and artists. If i save an album I don't want it to save all the songs to my favourites. But forget the album it should at least save your favourite songs under the artist so you can find the songs you like from a particular artist