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I have a small issue with scrobbling. I've linked my lastfm account, the scrobbling does work, but it doesn't work in real time — the scrobble displays on lastfm only when I finish listening to a certain song.

Can I fix it somehow? Thanks in advance.
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I believe this is intended behaviour. @bluezzbastardzz could you confirm?
@Rudi well, that's a sad thing to hear but thank you anyway
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Deezer's scrobbling implementation is still one of the poorest I've seen, severely limited. No real-time scrobbling, then artists with ampersand in their names are not scrobbled properly, albums and song names with parentheses are not scrobbled correctly, etc. Using Deezer with their built-in scrobbling implementation will sooner or later mess up your library.

Third party solutions are still the best:
  1. Deezer web player + Web Scrobler browser extension works perfectly
  2. Mobile app + Scroball app are a clean and elegant way to scrobble
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I believe this is intended behaviour. @bluezzbastardzz could you confirm?

Well, "intended" probably is the wrong word, because it looks like the Deezer API does not offer the option to read the currently playing track (please someone correct me if that is wrong). So the internal Deezer scrobbling cannot display the "Scrobbling now" track on your user profile which would also need a different API request than the one for scrobbling.

The browser extension Web Scrobbler can do this, but then you would have to use the Deezer web player exclusively which e.g. means no FLAC streaming if you have a HiFi account. So I prefer the internal Deezer scrobbling with the desktop app and correct the mistakes afterwards with the new feature of bulk editing the scrobbles in your library.

Last but not least the online tool uses Deezer as its playback source, and it also displays the currently playing track in its GUI (not for scrobbling), but I don't know how this works if the Deezer API does not offer it.

By the way, while this thread is one year old and has almost 19k views, there also is a similar idea with "only" 3.5k views and 95 votes, so maybe these two should be merged or at least more interested people should vote on the idea.