Renewable Energy

  • 7 May 2019
  • 1 reply

After reading an article on Wired about CO2 emmisions from streaming companies (, I wondered what Deezers’ emmisions were like. Do they use renewable energy, like Apple and Google music, or do they use non-renewables?
I hope someone from Deezer can answer, as I couldn’t find a contact email.

1 reply

I'm sure someone at Deezer can answer, so it's sad that they have not.

I have the same concern. There was a similar article in The Rolling Stone ( I wish there were a more recent version of the Greenpeace report (

I also read that one way to reduce the impact is using downloads so may try this, but I prefer using the playlists that are regularly updated so it'll be less fun.

I hope Deezer will respond and take action to improve where needed.
I love using Deezer, but I love planet Earth a little more ;o)