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¿Necesito saber si hay que tener nuevas canciones disponibles?

¿Quién más quiere esta actualización?

Déjame una comunidad como Deezer. 👍

I haven’t received a notification for a year if this is not sorted I just won’t use and won’t pay for Premium
I have a family account. When I select a playlist to share with a member of my family it says that it has been shared but when you look at their playlists it's not there?
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Hi there @DebbiEllenBrooks

Sorry to hear that - please see above for more info.
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Hi @Debl

It's because of the notifications - could you please try to share directly with the link?
What you mean by notifications and what do you want me to share directly??
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They don't get notification that you're sharing the playlist. So I've suggested you copy the url and send it via text message?
You also need to make the playlist collaborative for them to take part in it. For more info, please see here 😉