No Audio Quality Indicator / badge in Desktop App?

  • 8 January 2019
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Hello, I have the Deezer HiFi subscription. I installed the desktop app v.4.0.5 on Windows 10, and selected HiFi 1,411kb/s under Audio Quality settings as preferred streaming quality. However, I am unable to verify the ACTUAL streaming quality when the track is played, or even see it before playing it.

(1) There is no indication of the bit rate when playing a track, and there is no quality badge or icon shown anywhere in the app - like a "HiFi" or a "FLAC" badge...or anything, so users could verify that the played track is indeed in HiFi (1,411kb/s).

(2) The quality of the tracks is not shown anywhere BEFORE playing them either (or I can't seem to find it)

Is this something coming to the W10 app? If yes, when is this expected to be implemented? Thanks.

1 reply

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I remember that this has been suggested several times before, and there already is an existing thread in the Ideas section where you can vote for it: