My songs cut off halfway

Am I the only one who's songs cuts halfway and start over or lose couple of seconds or cut off at the end

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Hi @Deena.Mostafa sorry to hear that. Which device is this happening on? Have you tried to clear the cache?
Hi @Flo.Deezer i cleared the cache and i still have the same issues with the same songs also my device is lenovo tab 2
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Hi @Deena.Mostafa I have cleared the cache in our system for your account. Please check if this helps. Otherwise try to reinstall the app. There are no other users reporting this issue at the moment.
No body reporting it loads have over past months mine doing the same on my Alexa sonos
Real frustrating please find a solution
Mine still doing it I'm destroyed now
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Hey @Don don

You say this is happening with your Alexa? Have you tried relinking the account after rebooting Alexa to see if it helps?
Tried it all
Unsubsribed now it's been to long getting a solution from you and sonos sorry not paying for something I cant use feel free to contact us when the issue is sorted