HiFi won't play on external DAC

  • 2 June 2019
  • 3 replies

I understand that Hi Fi won't play on an iPhone or iPad. However I'm using an external DAC (audioquest dragonfly) connected to my phone. Why can't I play hi fidelity files if I'm bypassing the internal DAC of the iPhone?

also, my settings on audio quality is on high fidelity.

3 replies

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Hey @Kaizen01

I can reach our devs for more clarity on this. In the meantime, which speakers are on the other end of the Dragonfly? And what version of the app you're using?
IPhone to dragonfly DAC to marantz amplifier to sonus faber speaker

Im using the latest mobile version of the app.
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Hey @Kaizen01

Thanks for coming back to us. So you're trying to stream from iPhone to your Sonos speaker? You could also use the Sonos app and add your Deezer account.
In the meantime I'll try to get an answer about the Dragonfly - but it seems that the app won't be able to support that kind of streaming out of it.