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Flow has started playing songs i said to never play again. Five songs in a row this has happened. Not to mention the weird genres that have started playing. Never have i heard it before and i dont want to hear it again. I feel like they got the guy who did the web page redesign to mess with the algorithm. Does anyone else have this problem?

Best answer by Flo.Deezer 12 December 2018, 15:39

Hi @Ymir PM our developers work on the Flow constantly and it can happen that you get music non related to your likes. Please keep an eye on it and if it continuous let us know 😉

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Same issues.

BTW button "do not play again" are blue(looks as checked but song plays)!
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Hi there, sorry about that. Would you be able to give us a specific example and also a screenshot if possible?
It's happening to me too. Not just flow but also the genre recommendation has totally flown away, making available genres I never liste too

I. E. I used to have metal and rock in start screen, now Latin and Rap

It is disgusting my Flow offers me music I would never listen to, proactively. It's like he forgot ll my preferences built during last years
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Hi @Ymir PM our developers work on the Flow constantly and it can happen that you get music non related to your likes. Please keep an eye on it and if it continuous let us know 😉
It got solved automatically, now it is offering me the right music. Thanks!
This issue still persists. I suggest the developers do the following thing: in a song you dislike, click to never play it again and the just keep skipping the songs... the song you have disliked will appear again.. this is really terrible.

We should also be able to skip artists songs!
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Please see @Flo.Deezer 's comment above. We've always worked on this, but there are also different versions of the same track. Please check this topic for different tips on improving Flow.
Now you can also block artists on Android (more and more users every week can now do this) and on our Desktop App! For more info, check here 😉
I've contacted Deezer more than once about this, on a different email (i think). And I've told them Flow keeps giving absolute garbage should be music almost all the time.

The responses I kept getting were "clear case. Reinstall. Log in and out.". Usual sort of bad unusefull answers.

Well, it's been over a year and guess what. I'm a few devices further and still X'ing the same stupid sounds as I was back then.
It's more bad, way more bad than anything remotely good.
And the stuff gets worse. I absolutely hate artard rihanna, slag beyonce and latin bs. I have literally X'd despocita, pink and scar tissue over a hundred time in a month. And still, they come up. Sometimes even after skipping 5 other songs.

And the message saying We WoNt ReCc0mMeND tHIS aNyMoRe means absolutely nothing. Because as I'm typing this, I'm using deezer flow. SKIPPING HUNDREDS OF TERRIBLE (refusr to call them music) SOUNDS.

Oh, right. Those who contacted me also told me the algorithm disables tracks that get disliked 3 times in flow. That's why im still getting sia everyday putting me on the brink of throwing my phone.

Also, not that fond of the secret location tabbing.

But anyway. Plenty of people have posted it. Deezer Flow is broken.
So Deezer, fix it. Because I'm getting truly fed up with the lies and disservice.
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Hi @Glenn Buutfeld I am very sorry you are experiencing this issue. We did have other users some users complaining about this, but not recently. If you have had this issue for so long I would recommend to try and create a new account and see if it does the same in the new account. This could be a solution in the meanwhile. We can transfer your music over to the new account. Please get in touch with support about transferring music over here 😉