Flow keeps repeating songs that are removed from recommendations

When I am using flow and if I click on the Don't recommend this track link, and if I restart the app/client, or if I come the next day, I find the same track in my queue. I cannot figure out whats the purpose of this feature if the song that I do not want to hear again is queued.

Deezer needs to work on the logic using which Flow queues up songs based on the users taste, since I have been hearing the same old favourite without any change. Songs are queued up even though I click on not to recommend the songs anymore. I had read the webpage on the logic Flow queues up songs, but I do not understand how repeating the same songs that a user has requested not to queue, help out.

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Hi there, sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Can you tell me exactly which song it is?
It's not just one song. All Deezer nowadays does is play songs that's in my favourites. If Flow had to play me songs from my favourites, I would rather prefer directly listening to my favourites playlist. Right now I have been thinking of stopping my subscription due to this since its irritating to keep hearing the same songs again and again even after removing them from recommendations. You have a really big problem in the logic flow is using to suggest songs. FIX IT, and FIX IT FAST, or you would loose customers. Period
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If you have a Facebook account (necessary for login and info about your musical favorites), check out MentorFM which uses Deezer as a playback source and info about your musical taste. And if you also scrobble to, you can even import your listening history from there in MentorFM first when creating an account and then updating regularly, see its settings.
@bluezzbastardzz I have pointed out a flaw that has crept up in the Deezer flow logic here. What has that discussion to do with MentorFM or Please try to provide an appropriate answer to why your app keeps suggesting songs that have been removed from recommendations.

If it's hard for you to understand just think of Facebook keeping flooding in friend recommendations that you have already removed/ignored. How would that feel? Would you then inform your users on how they can integrate facebook login in their web applications rather than giving them a valid answer?
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Hi there @Fahim Ahmed

What @bluezzbastardzz was trying to tell you is that there are ways of improving your experience with Flow. Our community supports each other - and his recommendation was a very good one.

Flow is an unique feature which does more than playing your favourites - it isn't made to do that. But it could be that you're experiencing a glitch. With that in mind, perhaps you should check this topic out on how to improve your Flow.

On top of that, check the Flow FAQs for tips on clearing your cache and avoiding the repeating issue you may have.

In relation to music you disliked before, please have a look at this topic for more help.
Flo.Deezer wrote:

Hi there, sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Can you tell me exactly which song it is?

This issue still persists. I suggest the developers do the following thing: in a song you dislike, click to never play it again and the just keep skipping the songs... the song you have disliked will appear again.. this is really terrible. We should also be able to skip artists songs!
@Rudi I have tried all possible tips given under the FAQ and the bug still persists.

Flow was perfect a while ago. Used to love the way it sorted out songs and gave me recommendations according to my taste. Actually all the playlists I have made was from the recommendations Flow provided. This was until the last few months Flow totally changed its logic on giving recommendations.

Hence, instead of going to and fro in this community discussion, sit back and check on why you have got users complaining recently on the issue with Flow recommendations, issues with songs being repeated. You would be able to then sort out the issue.

Also, once you find the developer/team who has made this huge mistake in the Flow logic, please make sure to convey them my regards for wasting my time clicking on the "Don't recommend this track" button a million times.