[FEEDBACK] What do you think of "Flow"?

  • 16 January 2019
  • 77 replies

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My flow experience has been iffy, sometimes it nails the exact song that I had been searching for and sometimes it doesn't. Flow has been playing 90s/20 rock all the time that I don't necessarily want to listen to, it has also been suggesting almost all Mexican music which I don't want. When I press the don't suggest again button, most of the time it will come back anyway and play the exact songs I said no for. I feel as if they should have a clear cache button for the Deezer flow feature and have it so you can delete the artist you want to hear from there as well as the genre.
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Hi there @randomguy2876

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry it hasn't been what you expected. For more info on how to improve your Flow, please see here.
For the cache button suggestion, please vote for the idea here.