Does anyone know how to delete a song in a playlist?

  • 8 November 2017
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Hi @Iceman04 , this issue was reportedly fixed. On which interface do you still have this problem?
I’d like to know if I’ve discovered a bug or if this is just a really bad design by Deezer related to playlist management.

step to recreate:
  1. creat a new playlist
  2. add 3 or more tracks
  3. play the first track
  4. open more (...) menu - ‘remove from playlist’ option is available
  5. close the more (...) menu
  6. skip to the next track in the playlist
  7. open more (...) menu - ‘remove from playlist’ option has vanished.
Is anyone else seeing this?
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Hi @Adam F, some users reported the same and we have already passed this feedback on to our developers. Please see above the other way to delete the tracks 🙂
Thanks @Rafael. do you know where this change sits in the backlog and when a fix is likely to be applied to the iOS app? It’s really annoying!
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yep sick to death of this Deezer! still cant remove tracks from playlist, what a Bummer i'm off to spotify

Hey, you still can delete it being in the same page, please see above. 😉