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Rafael... I see your list of receivers--Onkyo and Yamaha. However, Pioneer is not on the list. And I have a Pioneer receiver with Deezer installed! I listen to Deezer on my Pioneer receiver. However, I can not sync my Deezer account with my Pioneer receiver--like I can with Spotify. When will Deezer be able to do this?
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HI @TJS2 unfortunately we do not have any information about when this will be available, sorry about that.
im confused about deezer hifi .
my tv samsung qled 65q7 has a deezer app is it possible to steam hifi with this app ?

the tv is connected to my denon x3300w receiver.

and if this is not possible then what device should i buy ?
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Hi that is not possible I am afraid. Please see above the devices that are compatible with Hifi 😉
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and if this is not possible then what device should i buy ?

Before buying you could also try it out with the beta desktop app on your computer and connect its output to your Denon receiver. Furthermore there is a HiFi option on Chromecast devices, as far as I know. Maybe it is possible to use that with your TV, i.e. you would need an Android mobile phone or tablet with an installed Chromecast plugin and a TV with integrated Chromecast technology:

Since June 2018 this should also work with the Google Chromecast Audio device and TVs, see this thread:

Your WLAN connection should be fast enough to stream FLAC, too, the recommendation is 5 MBit/s for one stream, as far as I remember.
Is there any plan to set up support with LG Gx & Vxx series phones? These are arguably the current leaders for HiFi audio in the phone market.
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Hi there @Anon

No specific plans for LG devices. But we're looking at this overall, so thank you for the feedback - I'll pass it on to the relevant team here.
Hi there @Anon

No specific plans for LG devices. But we're looking at this overall, so thank you for the feedback - I'll pass it on to the relevant team here.

Hi Rudi

Thanks for the prompt response! Given that you guys are, as you say, 'looking at this overall', please can Deezer offer a more expansive/substantive update as to what progress looks like for you in respect of that?

Is there a road map? A timeline? Are you aligning to Android version updates for roll outs or will you just release FLAC compatability as and when this is possible? Are you aiming for this year or +2020?

I've been using FLACs since 2013, on HTC One M7, with the music player Neutron. It's 2019.. What are the major sets backs that are hindering this deployment? I mean.. It's an app just like Neutron... I'm on a wired connection via classic 3.5mm jack, it's not like I'm even streaming most tracks because I download my playlists... What am I missing?

I'm not frustrated or anything, but if you can't provide any sort of clarity I'll probably just end my HiFi subscription for now, until you can provide a truly HiFi service - and rather spend the £240 a year on audio equipment. I've already got a large SD card installed with a selection of a few thousand FLACs, so transitioning is a matter of seconds, but I do enjoy building playlists on Deezer, and if you're making realistic progress I'd happily continue building them in anticipation for the update.

It's probably a 60/40 split between my phone/pc for music streaming, so obviously this is kind of a big deal when at least half the time I can't even get what I'm paying for. I trust you can appreciate that and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way...

I look forward to your response!
Well, having just spent over an hour reading this thread, it's clear you have no real interest in supporting your HiFi community, and choose to string everyone along with stupid comments like 'passed to Devs' and 'keep voting'. It doesn't take votes for anyone with a brain in 2019 to know that the HiFi market has been growing exponentially since at least 2015, so if you're in the music streaming business today and don't know that then you must be retarded.

The fact you constantly say you pass feedback and are in talks but never have information for your subscribers is highly suspicious. It's impossible to not have any information to share whatsoever when, over the period of the thread, you've released updates for various HiFi systems as well as Windows Desktop HiFi - why couldn't you tell your customers these were the projects you were focused on? Probably because you knew people would unsubscribe the moment you made clear you had not real desire to release a HiFi version for mobile. But now it's clear for all to see... You have little interest in customer satisfaction. Good luck to you and your callous concern for your HiFi subscribers, I will not renew my HiFi account with you and will instead switch to Tidal as soon as I have time.

A simple update with a realistic timeline would probably have made everyone happy. Think about that.
Do Deezer stream FLAC on Phorus PR5?

Please look at the screenshot. What does MP3 - 16 bits / 44100 Hz

This is confusing I know MP3 is 320kps at most and 16 bits / 44100 Hz is CD quality.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Hi @FRV you can find all compatible devices listed above we usually have them on our website as long as there is an official partnership. However, I would also say that it looks like you are streaming in Hifi 😉
Hi. If I take out Deezer HiFi, do I get lossless flac quality via my Samsung TV? Model is UE32K5500AK. Thank you.
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Hey @Benjamin Smith-Haddon ! Please follow this thread for further info 😉