Deleted all my favorite Songs

  • 12 April 2019
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I deleted all my favorite songs, because I edited the Playlist. (I didn't know I would also delete all favorites)
Is there any chance to recover my favorite songs?
Account: Deezer Family

Thank you in advance!

3 replies

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Hi @Deadfrog_de I am not sure I understand. You can only delete your favourites if you select all of them and then and then delete them. I am afraid it is not possible to recover them, but if you did something else they should not be deleted.

The only thing we can recover is deleted playlists.
Hi @Flo.Deezer
Thank you for your answer!
I used the mobile app (android)
I selected all songs in the playlist of my favourites songs and deleted them, because I only wanted a few to be played (create a new playlist for the moment). It was not clear for me, that when I delete this playlist all my favourite songs would also be deleted.
If I try to recover my playlist I only get the information, that there is no playlist to recover.
So all favourite songs are gone?
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Yes @Deadfrog_de

Unfortunately that's the case. Other playlists you created and named them yourself can be recovered - but not your favourite's list.