Deezer for Galaxy Watch - Tizen OS

  • 5 January 2019
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Any info about request creating the app for Tizen to Galaxy Watch? Every international community is eager to use it.

Vote for the idea of this topic in the links to Deezer create it:

12 replies

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Hi there, there is no info at the moment I am afraid. Great of you to link the idea about it 😉
What about now?
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Hi there @blackde

No updates so far, I'm afraid. Keep an eye on the topics referred above, and vote for the idea if you haven't done so.
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I'll be happy for such support too
please create galaxy watch APP. One more user waiting for it here in Slovakia !!!
+1 Galaxy Watch user in Serbia is waiting. 🙂
And another one user from Poland is waiting for Deezer app for Galaxy Watch!
+1 user from Panama
And another one user from Poland is waiting for Deezer app for Galaxy Watch!
+1 from Brazil
When will Deezer be available for the Samsung watch?
Is there a forecast?
Will an app be made for the Samsung watch?
They are sold at an average of 5 million samsung watches per year, it has demand to have an app for watches.
The competitor Spotify is ahead because it already has this application for samsung watches.
Soon you will be losing customers to competitor (I am one of them, I already activated a premium account in the competitor because of this and I am thinking of canceling Deezer).
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Hey @marteli

We don't have forecasts at the moment but I'll check this with our Product Team once more for an update - we know it's important. In the meantime, please do add your support here 🙂