Deezer Flac vs Tidal FLAC - Sound Quality Comparison

  • 8 October 2018
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I've been listening to Deezer FLAC and Tidal FLAC for some time now and been comparing them on a PC with Dragonfly Red, Magni 3 and Sennheiser HD 650 setup. I've also tried the V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless for reference cans. The thing is I can't shake the feeling that Tidal FLAC (Not MQA) is a lot cleaner, balanced, spacious and detailed as compared to the Deezer FLAC. So I am thinking, is it just me or are others out there who can concur?

I mea I really like Deezer for its innovative app design and features... But shouldn't sound quality be the same or is Deezer's source NOT true FLAC or an upscaled MP3? Is my system doing something to make Deezer Flac sound more like a 320 mp3 when compared to Tidal FLAC. The important part is WHY?? Love to hear the community's thoughts on this...

2 replies

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I heard that in first moment - no solution is here about that - but my ears obviously tells me TIDAL has better deep dynamic.