Deezer crashes when loading long playlists

Hi all

I have around 12 albums and playlists downloaded for offline listening. When I have that many (?) synced stuff and try to load a larger playlist (my favorite is around 1200 songs long), Deezer crashes and goes back to the main screen.

It makes no difference if app points to internal storage or external SD card. To get back to my favorites, or someone else's, I have to clear all synced albums.

Any hints or anyone else faces the same?

I'm using a Moto Z Play with Android 7.1.1.

Best answer by Anja 13 November 2017, 13:13

Hi @Andre.Cerqueira, we don't have the issue. Your device seems to be overloaded. Can you check how it behaves if there's no other app opened other than Deezer?

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Hi @Andre.Cerqueira, how much storage do you have left on your phone or on the sd card? And do you have the same issue if no other lists or albums are downloaded and you try to download your favourites?
Hi, @Anja, thanks for your reply. I have over 10GB on sd card and phone around 4GB free. When I have nothing synced (fresh install or delete everything from "Downloaded" tab or change storage), I can play my favs without any issues. However, if I download playlists/albums, I can't even access either my favorites or any other 1000+ playlists.

It doesn't matter what kind of storage I use, the result is always the same. Right now I have 3 playlists (100- songs) and 15 albums (20- songs) on external sd card and the issue happens. Android gives no "this app crashed, send report" message. Deezer just disappears and goes back to main screen.
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Hi @Andre.Cerqueira, we don't have the issue. Your device seems to be overloaded. Can you check how it behaves if there's no other app opened other than Deezer?
@Anja, thanks a lot for your help, but nothing changes 😞
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Thanks for the reply 🙂 I'm afraid I can't provide a solution as for now, since this seems to be an issue with the device and we were not able to reproduce it. Nonetheless, I will leave this topic open and maybe other uses with the same device have had similar experiences or even a workaround.

I will also pass this on to your devs again to let them check if there are similar issues on other devices.
Will keep you posted about any news!
@Anja I have been having the same problems as Andre, the app has been crashing everytime I try to access Favorite Tracks ever since I've gone over 300 tracks. There're no problems loading albums or smaller playlists but as soon as I even open the Favorite tracks it just crashes and restarts the apps.

I have a moto G5 in case it helps
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@Milo Flowers hmmm are you using an SD card by any chance?
@Shannon Yes, a high speed one seeing as how my music wasn't leaving space for basic functionality of the phone
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@Milo Flowers would you mind trying the SD card reset explained in this post here? SD card reset
Let me know if something changes afterwards!
I have the same problem with two phones :
- A Moto G5 Plus with my Deezer data stored on my SD card
- À Moto G5 with my Deezer data stored on my SD card too

Two different Lenovo phones with two profiles from the same account.
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@masthei I'd advise you to try the SD card reset first as well 🙂
This seems to be a Motorola/Lenovo related issue..
I have the same problem with my Moto G5S Android Version 7.1.1
  • 10 Albums with about 20 Tracks each
  • 2 Playlists with about 20 Tracks each
  • Favorite Playlist with 1.307 Tracks
I don't use/have external storage.
Free internal storage: 6.050 MB (out of 25.177 MB usable space)
Storage used by Deezer: 12.281 MB (48%)
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@djbrown ok in your case, you've reached the limit of downloaded tracks. It's 1000 tracks - more info here: content limits.
If you reduce the amount of tracks to 1000 it should be fine 🙂
@Shannon 5 months later, the bug is still not fixed ^^

Even if there is a 1000 tracks limit on mobile, your app should not CRASH, because I put more than 1000 tracks in your PC version...

I don't know, truncating the oldest tracks of the playlist should do the trick ... But don't tell me it's "normal" for your app to crash when I try to listen my everyday music x)
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Hi @masthei sorry if this is still happening. Have you also installed our latest version? We do not have many users reporting this so I assume this happens only on some devices.