Deezer App Big CPU usage

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And I have seen some other users complain about similar pbs...
Some more information :

Seems to be related to macos Mojave only...
If I compare system log during deezer startup between 2 macbook,
I found one error which can be related :

Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides)
(I do not have any eGPU...)
After some reseach it seems to be a known Xcode problem and may be the deezer app is compiled with something wrong for mojave somewhere.
There is alos a LSException...
The Unix error 17 are also present on a my other working good test machine

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Hi @zeoc can you tell us which version of the app you have installed?
As I said before : Version 4.3.4 (
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Hi again @zeoc

Flo.Deezer and I have both tested on Mojave systems and all is fine. So I've decided to pass it on to our devs for further investigation.
On a side note and in the meantime, because you mentioned Info.plist exceptions, I think your Mac could benefit from running a maintenance script - certain apps offer this (CleanMyMac for example) but I can't recommend you to download it or use it. I'll leave you to your discretion.
Thanks for the escalade to dev.
My Mac is quite new and I do not use these "cleaner" which are most of the time "worser"...
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Fair enough - we'll keep you updated here.