[BUG] Nonexistent favorite album

Some album links doesn't work anymore. Eg. - I have this one in favourite albums. I can hit play, and it starts playing, but clicking album link shows "Page not found".

I can find new link when navigating through artist page:

Faulty link is also returned when querying deezer API.

Will this be fixed? Can I somehow track progress of this issue?

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Hi there @ptys

If the second link you showed us has the same album, it was probably how the distributors arranged that to be. If an album ceases to exist and you can't find another version, this could be due to territorial restrictions. But send me the link(s) and I can have a look for you 😉
Dear @Rudi ,

Even though I hate, when an album or a song disappears, I can understand, that legal issues are sometimes complicated...

Deezer's relationship with the distributors however is not the point of my question.

My question was about, why faulty links are connected to my account in the deezer database. Why I get faulty album id's, when I query the deezer api? Why am I redirected to "Page not Found", when navigating from favorite albums page? Why is this so inconvenient for me? Deezer itself can somehow resolve faulty links by itself - as I said hitting play button on an album cover on albums page works fine. But displaying albums webpage itself does not work at all!

And there are no territorial restrictions, as I can access albums through artists page.

Another example would be :
I didn't have a time to go through all my albums, but I occasionally get this error.

I'm sorry to say that, but when I read your answer, I feel like it is not related to my issue at all 😞 I feel like you answer the "My album is missing, what should I do?" question. I ask about faulty links in albums page and retrieved from API...

As I understand you (perhaps not personally, but as a company) have all the data, needed to reproduce and investigate my problem. I imagine that even a little investigation should yield a different answer...