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  • 3 May 2021
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Whatever website or service your using to keep track of Movies and Tv shows that you've have watched, feel free to share your profiles here! For others to check out your lists, and to follow eachother. To discover new content!

I'll make the start. I'm currently using three services which are "IMDb" (mostly for Tv shows), "Letterboxd" for movies and anthologies, and recently discovered "Friendspire", another helpful service to discover new movies and Tv shows. I'm watching content mostly with Netflix app on my android device, or Google Play Movies & Tv shows. I currently don't own a Tv to chromecast or anything.

I always watch in original language, and turn on subtitles if I don't understand a language. IMDb doesn't offer a follow/add friend feature, but you can save my profile as bookmark. 

The following are my profiles:




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I have no TV in my house for 6 years now.

In June 14th will start 7th year. I was tired of TV. Advertisements, poor program and constantly negative news. One day my TV did a suicide and it didn’t work. I felt like why to repair old TV, or why even bother with buying new one, let’s live one month without it. Here comes the 7th year, huh!

That doesn’t mean I watch no TV at all. My laptop is my TV.

YouTube, Viaplay (Netflix like service), TV portals and you name it all.

All my movies and episodes I watch can be found here.

I watched much more than this, but collecting only few years them up.

I find it funny because everyone I know are glued on the TV. The same people coming to my house are asking are you poor? I ask why you feel this way? It looks like you don’t have a TV. Is having a TV nowadays a sign of rich people? In 2018 I was in Hotel Mondial at Düsseldorf and I didn’t notice they had a TV in my room at my one week stay. I didn’t need it at all. That’s a thing, I laughed leaving.

I noticed when I was a teen than TV program is about programming.

When I was living finally on my own and then I was 24, I decided to get rid of it. The same happened for my stereo FM set, I threw it away as the thing broke overnight electricity fail somehow.

I let TV and FM go because I didn’t value them. So many sellers said you should buy new one!

I didn’t. Mostly it’s because I don’t need one, so I don’t want one. And I have Deezer.