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  • 20 November 2021
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Why does my account keep coming up with this? It cuts the music out consistently. 


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2 replies

I am also facing the same issue and don't know why I am facing it again and again. 

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Hello @chapman80, it appears that there’s another device playing and you probably do not not know which one.

First uninstall the app from your phone/computer.

Then from a browser on your PC/Mac:

  1. Navigate to this page and unlink all devices.
  2. Then this page and delete all apps.
  3. Then change your password here and make sure it is unique and complex as instructed on the screen.
  4. Now go back and install Deezer on your device(s) and log back in and enjoy your music and podcasts :blush:

This should almost always solve your problem - if for some reason it doesn’t contact support.