Deezer mobile app still turning single repeat off/on without my input

  • 19 September 2022
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(yes I know this in the wrong place, I’m trying to fix it but it won’t let me delete it)


A while ago I reported a bug where I would turn on repeat and it wouldn’t keep it, or it would turn on after being turned off, sometimes a while after it was turned off either by skipping the song or by playing an album from start to finish and then going back to a shuffled playlist. For a while it seemed that the bug was fixed, but it appears that this bug still exists, and may even be a little worse.

It has happened multiple times this morning - I would set it to repeat a song, the song would finish, start again, and then repeat 1 would be turned off. Also while listening on the way to work it turned itself on without my input.

Running Android 11 on a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, app version, the latest version at time of writing.

3 replies

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I have the same issue with my IOS app. Very often Deezer turn on playlist repeat, sometimes single repeat.

I have suspicion about my car BT connection.

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Hey @efarayenkay @jirikovoego would you be able to provide a video reproducing the problem in order to show our developers and investigate?

@Jaime. thanks for your response. I wasn’t able to reproduce it just now but if it starts happening I will fire up screen recorder and try to capture it.