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  • 23 September 2021
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Rudi mentioned developers would have a look into this internal desktop group, and creating a new thread instead of adding to the general thread would make sense. So here I go:

Recently the search results in the desktop app got a “Mix” sticker for each track in the playbar which also disabled the simple and direct playback of that list from top to bottom, even sortable per column. This was one of the best and unique features that Deezer offered which I have bragged about in  this and other forums in the past when comparing it to Spotify etc. :wink:

Today I found in a related thread that this recent change had already been introduced in the iOS app two years ago:

So can we please have that old behaviour back in the desktop app, or at least make it switchable in the settings?

Also related: we cannot add all search results to the play queue anymore since that change which would be a workaround for this problem. Now you can only add the found tracks to a playlist like it has already been in the past.

Oops, forgot to mention my OS and desktop version: Windows 10 Home 21H1, desktop 5.30.60. But I think it does not matter in this case.

2 replies

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Thanks @bluezzbastardzz I’ve forwarded all your feedback to our dedicated team and I’ll let you know what they say regarding that feature/behaviour as soon as I hear back from them. :nerd:

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@Jaime., thanks for forwarding. I am checking desktop version 5.30.70-rc.0 at the moment, and the look has changed, but not the behaviour. Now the resulting tracks list does not show the “Mix” sticker for each track anymore, but the currently playing track in the playbar at the bottom does. And the playback continues with a mix instead of simply playing all found tracks in a row.

Adding the found tracks to the play queue by highlighting them with the checkbox at the right is not possible either, only adding them to a new playlist.