deexer for creator

  • 24 November 2022
  • 1 reply

Hello everyone… Recently I’ve started using amuse as a music distributor. So when I uploaded a songs and those have been uploaded in many streaming sites and e-stores. But in some cases those songs were posted in other artist profiles which have my same name. I had that problem in Deezer. So trying to solving it I started the process for claim an artis profile in Deezer Creators, but when I want to complete the form ( I can find my artist profile, because Deezer has not any profile of mine… So if i cant chose my artist profile it’s imposible to complete the process... 

How could I get a profile? or how could I solve this issue?

Any help will be grateful.

1 reply

Hey so you have to message support @Deezer on their support system that is or has and tell them that you need your own artist profile because you’re music is going on someone else’s profile and once they created they will email you and you can open it up and start that way but yeah it is a waiting process