why some tracks disappear in my coutnry ?

  • 26 May 2021
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Above one of the numerous example of track that I recorded in my playlist that are suddenly not available anymore…

Why ?



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Very good day you have.

I hope it does not make you sad. The Deezer shows what they are allowed to. Sometimes song makers or label owners can say which content to make available and in which countries. This said sometimes they can remove content from country in a matter of a night. When I used Facebook, I had on my list label owner of DJ Beat Records, and he said exactly this when I asked him about it.

Release, I had no more on my list.

He said they were no more licensed for that release and they needed to take it down.

Gladly original label released it shortly after that using

Sometimes it can say that release is not released on that label anymore in your country. Artist may be dealing to find another distributor to release it in your country. There is little you can do.

Write an artist and tell how much you want them on Deezer.

Listen something else, Deezer has 70 000 000+ tracks!

Upload track to Your own MP3 section on Your Deezer.

Write Deezer with exact artist and release name / year missing.

One time, and that was a year ago, I couldn’t find Lecrae’s album Gravity. Lecrae’s rapper and I like him. I couldn’t find his email or contact form, so I was forced to ask help from Deezer staff soon.

They were able to push Gravity album by Lecrae rapper shortly after that :)

Also please do note than when you shop for all you can eat streaming service at €10 a month, you are buying access of collection they have at Deezer or any other, they usually DO NOT refund if from your playlists or album collection whole tracks are taken out due to this irritating territory issue.

Some releases, like Rammstein I think, could be exclusive to Spotify etc.

This said if you extremely want tracks and albums forever, you should buy them at Costco.

Or at that street shop of LP’s and CD’s no one visited in years.

Good luck!

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Hpguru is right. I add that there is a button to switch that song for another, or it was there the last time I did. With luck you find the same song but in other album.

And who knows, maybe it will come back. Another option is buying songs, which Deezer doesn’t allow for now.

Thank you guys for this clear explanation, indeed it seems we don’t have power here 

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Not even Deezer @Ciremia the music distributors are the ones setting the rules out, as they pull content from our platform. But your feedback is very useful, as our teams are in constant contact with labels and distributors to improve our catalogue!