Why is the music censored? Why is there no explicit version?

  • 9 November 2017
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As with Family Subscription, how about an option on Premium+ to play songs without explicit Content!

Best answer by Pia.Deezer 24 February 2020, 12:21

Hi @Alex K here are the explicit versions:

Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly

Kendrick Lamar DAMN

J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive 

J.Cole 4 Your Eyez Only

Lupe Fiasco Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1

The explicit versions of albums are not directly visible in the discopgraphy of artists to protect children BUT you can always find them by simply typing title and artist into the search bar at the top and then click on albums :wink:

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94 replies

why is the music censored in deezer but not in other services like spotify
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It's not the status in every album. Anyway I don't know the reason but would luke to know as well.
Deezer is blanking out swear words how do I turn this off its really annoying?
I agree with this idea. Would love it if I could save/like/listen to radio edits of tracks with explicit content.
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Hi @Cameron4102, the reason is either that we only have the non explicit versions of the tracks or your are an underage user. Have you checked your date of birth showing in the account settings?
Theres songs that dont say anything about it being clean and it is filtering the bad words

I will attempt to persuade u, for our shared benefit, why u need to have an off switch to censored material.

Its official, hip hop and R&B have taken over the charts and the attention of the masses. Most listeners of these genres instinctively understand and appreciate the "rawness" of the message. After a while it can get frustrating. This listener, even if they stay on, will probably no longer be too excited about deezer.

In short, if im with friends, I will beg that they play their version of DAMN by king ken. deezer play time goes down.

Dont mean to criticize, u guys do a great job. love the flows and playlists.

God Bless.
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It all depends what the record labels send to us and if they only send us a censored version of a track for example, this is all we can provide 🙂
Hello, when I listen to certain songs it blocks out certain parts of the songs with censoring and I don’t really like it. Any way to turn it off?
I don't know why but every song I have in my playlist is clean. Even though it doesn't say its the clean version?
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@miniburns55 I moved your topic to this one as it was discussed here 🙂
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@Youngtek I moved your topic to this existing one as it has been discussed already 🙂
Some explicit music appears to be Censored. For example songs from the rapper Post Malone totally cut out the explicit music even in deezer playlists while other songs don't. Is there a setting for this or anything I may need to know.

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@Taahir.Rawat I moved your topic to this existing one as it was explained here 🙂
Why I’m not listening for the original songs even though I’m 21 years old ???!!
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Hi Kemo, can you explain a bit more your issue? Are you not able to see the original songs?
i mean when i do search for any song I’ll only find the deluxe songs the deluxe song is having no cuss
I can’t find the Explicit version
I’m not under 18 and My favorite kind of music is Rap and hip hop so how can i be enjoying listening the deluxe in that kind of music .?
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Hey @Kemo

Sorry to hear that! but we have only the songs that the Record Label sends us.
I recommend you to take a look of this post that explain more about the songs we don't have on Deezer at the moment. You will also find a form that you can submit the songs you are looking for, our music team will take a look.

Sometimes we have more that one version of the song, one explicit and another censored, have you tried to search the explicit version, they can be in different albums.

Thank you✌️
Why are there no options for the original song with elicit words as the artist intended?????
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@jedd1000 I moved your question to this topic as it was already answered here 🙂
I can't seem to find the explicit version of the album. Is it possible for you guys add the explicit version of the album.
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Hi @6Dino , please see above 😉
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Hi @Ayedude , please see above 😉
It all depends what the record labels send to us and if they only send us a censored version of a track for example, this is all we can provide :)
@Rafael. you are mistaken as your statement is provably untrue. For example, I can play the album “run the jewels 3” on my phone totally uncensored. However if I ask Alexa to play it or it shows up in Flow, it’s censorced. Either you’re wrong or you’re not telling the whole story. This is a real problem and there needs to be a way to fix it. If you’re correct then please explain the discrepancy I described. Thanks.