why is the music censored?

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The problem is not that both versions aren't available, the problem is that they are not showing up on the artist's album page. I can successfully listen to both versions, but they are not both being listed properly. I can only find one of the versions by searching for it manually, not by browsing the artist's album page.

Here are specific album IDs and artist IDs:

Artist ID: 4050205
Listed (uncensored) album ID: 14652174
Unlisted (censored) album ID: 14652188

Both albums are available, but only one is listed on the artist's page.

I know that sometimes both versions of an album to show up. Album IDs 11181850 and 6062994 both show up under artist ID 4050205, so this seems like a problem with album or artist metadata.

I submitted my request by clicking on the ellipses (...) on the album and selecting "Report a Problem".
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Hi there, we have forwarded this to our music team and will update you once we have more information.

Thanks for pointing this out 😉
The only version available on the album page on the website is the clean version of Kanye Wests "Ye" album, but I can find it on the app.

Whats the deal?
Hi! I listen to rap a lot and it's really disappointing that Deezer has many clean version. It's fine but only if I can choose which version to listen. First of all I want to check an original, if artist use strong language then it has to be in his song. Second I don't like cutted words in the song, it break the flow and change how it sound. I would like to see more explicit albums in Deezer.
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Hi @Zaps I moved your question to this topic, you can also send your music request here.

@TheLifeOfPowell you can send your music request for uncensored songs here.
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Strange - Tidal has Run the Jewels without censorship, but Deezer only has clean versions. I thought lack of mobile HiFi was a downer, but the entire point of being here is to be in search of audio purity, which means original versions of songs. I don’t accept the passive stance of “whatever record labels send us” because Deezer offers suggestions for albums that aren’t in the catelog as if they’ll fight for the missomg content. I’d suggest activily requesting original versions from artists. If most artists are intentionally sending clean versions to Deezer and not other platforms, then I sense a problem.
Hi I am listening to songs on my playlist and like all of them it blocks out all the bad words please help
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Hi @Alexv09, please see above 🙂
How can I distinguish between explicit and non-explicit Albums ?

I thought it was an explicit album and put it on the playlist. It was an entirely non-explicit album. I was embarrassed
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@Kangho L I moved your post to this topic. Please check Raf's reply on top. 🙂
I've seen replies to the issue of censored versions of hiphop songs/albums appearing in Deezer, but I want to add my thoughts to the discussion.

The standard response from Deezer mods here runs along the line of "we can only offer what record labels send us".

I find this an unacceptable excuse. In order to compete with other streaming services such as Spotify, you need to be providing users with the same (if not better) experience.

By only providing censored versions of albums and tracks (Young Dolph's 'Role Model' and Lil Wayne's 'Carter 5' are two big recent examples) Deezer is offering a lesser experience, and a butchered version of the music the artist provides.

Deezer prides itself on offering flac-quality level streaming options, but what good is this when songs have pauses and gaps where lyrics should be?

Sure, Deezer can blame the labels all they want, but they also have a responsibility to check and make sure the version they have is the original and best available.

If Deezer isn't getting the optimal version, then they ought to be going back to the label asking for it, not just passing the buck.

Keep doing this, and less people will trust (and pay to use) your service. With other services consolidating, I don't think Deezer can afford to do this, especially when their app lags behind from a technical standpoint and in terms of visibility (you don't often hear people mention Deezer alongside Google Music, Apple Music or obviously, Spotify).

Please take people's irritations about this more seriously for future hiphop releases.

Thank you for reading.
The albums that I want do not have the explicit content. Can I filter so I only get the explicit albums
How to allow it??
Rafael. wrote:

It all depends what the record labels send to us and if they only send us a censored version of a track for example, this is all we can provide :)

This is not fully true. Take DMX for example , you have replaced his songs with censored ones in for ex. his album "Grand Champ" the last 12 months (havent listened to him in a while..). So you (Deezer) has accepted this replacement. That person should revalue his decision.

I was using Deezer because Spotify was turning into a political correct machine but now Deezer seems to do the same. Your audio quality was also better but I've read the competition has an option for the same quality now.
All the albums I used to listen to now only have a censored version. Before they would have had censored and uncensored. I can't listen to them they're butchered so badly. Why am I paying for this?