When will UCPS be in place AKA When will money reach the artists we listen to?

  • 28 April 2021
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Dear Deezer Folks,

I am aware that this is a complex issue that needs time and dedication, but I’m no longer prepared to have my fees routed to the artists I do not listen to.

When will a payment model which funnels my subscription fees to the artists my Family listens to be in place?




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I wait this way too much.

I pay discounted Deezer annual price and I don’t want to support charts.

I think charts are great for people into it.

I am not against big names making money. I just do not want to pay it from my fee.

My life is devoted around music. I was born for the music and I will go for the music. Hard Dance Music. I listen 99% Hard Dance on Deezer and many of these artists I love are already gone from the game. They simply do not get that much… and they may lose their motivation in the end.

This UCPS may be gamechanger.

I like hard dance stuff so much I spend big money on decent Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth earphones just to hear every detail. I’ve never seen that in most people who just let’s say buy earphones for $20 at nearest Costco and live their life. I can’t do that. I simply can not do that.

I really wait this to happen. This will be a gamechanger.

Each day I stream, stream and stream hard dance on Deezer most never heard of.

This is my life. I live for this. I get super happy listening this music.

 Sometimes they do not even have streams. Like release from 2005 with 0.00 popularity.

I feel like crying when Lady Gaga gets almost 10…

Please please work this out, you can make it! I’d be happy and you’d save the scene.

This is needed for real!

When I was YouTube Music customer firstly they didn’t want to implement this at all, and on the other hand I couldn’t find any music to listen. It’s only when I am finally on Deezer there is endless amount of music I couldn’t find on YouTube Music no matter how I searched it with no avail.

I am really thankful for Deezer providing me endless music I like.

I could live a month without candies, chocolate and ice cream, but not without my music I love.

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Hi @fasdork Deezer has everything needed to launch a UCPS pilot roll out but we need all the labels to approve it in order to proceed. We continue to provide labels with all the information necessary for their analysis and are working hard to get consensus so that UCPS can be implemented as soon as possible.
Thanks :relaxed: