What songs as flac

  • 11 January 2019
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У меня есть подписка на HI-FI Deezer, и я хотел бы знать, что песни или исполнители имеют качество или жанр, как понять, написать, по крайней мере, исполнителей или несколько песен.

2 replies

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Hi @SpoDyMan228
I'm sorry, we currently don't have Russian support on the Community. Would you be able to explain a bit more your question in English? Please know that HiFi is only supported on specific devices (that you can check out here), if you are using your subscription on a unsupported device, the quality will be the normal basic one 😉.
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I think @SpoDyMan228 is asking for some kind of notification about the audio quality of the currently playing track in the desktop app. There is a related idea for such a feature already where he can vote for it:

Maybe you can also change the subject and/or add some related tags to that idea, Helene, so that it can be found easier by interested users?