Tracks removed from Favorites after playing

  • 26 May 2020
  • 3 replies

I'm not sure if this is happening to anybody else ? But after I play a song from my favorites it removes it from my list after it plays, it doesn't always happen but the first time it happened it removed alot of them, and it just happened just now hence why I'm on here seeking for answers. Not sure why this is happening but what can I do to stop this ? 

3 replies

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Hi @ROOSTER22 thank you for contacting us. We are sorry you are experiencing this - this should not be happening. Are you sure it is not the queue you are looking at? Please click on Favourites (the small heart) in your Deezer account without clicking on Play and let us know how many songs you can see. 

How many songs have you marked with a heart so far?

In case your favourite songs keep on disappearing, please get in touch with our customer support. Thank you :slight_smile:

This seemed to happen to me as well, though not sure if they are the same track on different albums 

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Hi there @sethwj 

Thanks for letting us know. Could you please explain in a bit more detail so that we can check on our side? We need your device, app version and in what feature or context this is happening :relaxed: