• 27 June 2019
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"Only on DEEZER, singer Roy Orbison has more different names * ROY ORBINSON, ROY ORBYSON, ROY OBISON ??? PLEASE, see his discography, this is great shame for DEEZER Company. Regards !!!"

8 replies

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Hi there @Jevremko

Thanks for your input. At the moment we have a dedicated team going through our discographies to ensure the data is correct. But if you see cases like this, please get in touch with our support team so that they can report it directly with other faults.
THANX, IT IS ONE of unbelievable things on DEEZER! It seems that there are NOT any control ??? Just now I am thinking to repost my 2 comments to DEEZER CTO Team or Management. You know that it is my second very serious info about mistakes on DEEZER. All it needs very serious controle, DEEZER Company is NOT a child game ! To post any album under the name - picture cover ROY ORBYSON, etc, is not acceptable, at all. About my comment up, there are several ROY ORBISON albums with wrong covers, not one album !!! I just cannot believe !!! ROY ORBINSON ??? Sure, I have right to post all these wrong covers to public. Regards and thanx for your answer ~~~
Also, I think it is NOT fair at all that I must direct report these mistakes to your extra team ??? Support team ??? I wrote here my info, and this is ASK ANYTHING ???
Deezer issues in public /here is just a small part!/. No pre-control at all ??? Name of the artist is NOT IMPORTANT ???


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Hi there @Jevremko

Thank you for your comments and feedback. Deezer doesn't control the artwork and content which is made available in the platform. The music distributors, artists' teams and labels are responsible for that. So I've gathered all your feedback and have passed it on 👍🏼
Thanx ~~~