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  • 4 January 2023
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Hello I have made a list of songs where the songs either end early, or are broken, or it sounds like its from a CD that was scratched and skips throughout the song. Please can we work to have these updated? 

Mayssam Nahas: - - track skips around a lot


Hiba Tawaji - Several songs automatically end at 5:20 which is not correct. the album needs to be reuploaded


Nawal El Zoghbi- Album is not clear in many songs: 


Najwa Karam -  same issue as above the songs in some parts skips or are not clear (sounds like a ripped CD)


Farah  -  song is broken


Myriam Fares- Moukano Wein this is the video clip version not the original, there are many duplicates but all the same theyre video clip versions



Assi Hellani -  song skips:



Haifa Wehbe- songs skips: 


Marwan Khoury: song is poor quality sounds like video clip or radio version not orignal:


Sherine: this song ends with a very loud noise 



Charbel Rouhana: Album: Dangerous- album is broken, it says there are 10 songs but nothing is shown not even the cover: 


Najwa Karam - Menni Elak 

 some songs pulled from youtube not authentic.


1 reply

Hello can anyone help please @Yula -could you please assist?


Thank you