Single Version for Different Track Edits

  • 19 March 2021
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When I play different versions of a track, I am always presented with a single version, regardless of the album it is allegedly taken from.

One example is the song Dreams, played by artist Corrs. When I try to play that track from album Talking Corners (which I own), I am presented with the Todd Terry remix of that same song. The same happens if I try to play that same song from their Live album.

The same also happens to tracks from artist Black Sabbath, that should reflect lead singer changes in different albums, but I get a single version of the songs, regardless of the album I choose.

Is that an error in the database? Or are those the only versions that Deezer has available?

5 replies

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Hi @azaccaria I am sorry to hear that.
Can you please send me the URL links on Deezer for the songs that you mentioned in order to check on my side.
Does this happens in all platforms (Web, Desktop app, phone app)?
Thanks :)

Hello, Jaime. 

I only use the phone app, but I have just tried on the web and the result is the same:

▪︎ This is the mixed version (Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs album) -

▪︎ This is the version on the Talk on Corners album -

▪︎ This is the version on the Best of The Corrs album -

▪︎ This is what at least the Talk on Corners album version should sound like - Dreams - The Corrs (radio edit) on SoundCloud

The only one I found on Deezer that does not play the Tee's radio mix is this, from the Pavarotti and Friends album:

Hope that helps to figure out what is wrong.


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Hey @azaccaria apologies for the long time delay as your query didn’t show in the system previously.
I have investigated and there is nothing wrong with the song Dreams in all those albums since they all include the same version not the one you sent on the link on Souncloud.
Thanks :)

Hello, Jaime.

I am sorry, but I have to disagree.

There is definitely something wrong when a track is identified as a certain version of a song, but it is in fact another.

Your statement is a clear indication of that being the case for at least the song we are discussing. The fact that all those tracks include the same version of the song, and not the actual versions that they should contain, is a distortion and it should be rectified.

Could that be fixed, please?

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@azaccaria I have tested in other platforms and the version is the same as the ones we have in Deezer that’s why I was confident in my previous reply and it has been delivered like that by the label to all platforms (not only Deezer), is not something that we changed or can fix.
I hope this helps to understand.
Thanks :)