Same name but different artists

  • 23 February 2019
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Hi there,

There are 2 different bands with the same name and they seem to be merged under the same page:

Any chance you could separate them?


15 replies

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Hi there @TheLazeb2000

Thanks for the feedback! Will discuss these with our catalogue team and get back here once I've got an update 😉
Different artists:

I've encountered the same problem with Man Man and 3RDegree (both amusingly with rappers having taken over other bands names).
For your consideration :)
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They should be fixed now!

@shx and @Chomsk

Thanks for letting me know - I've reported them.
Next time you can also report directly to our support team for a faster response 😉
Could you please check Mesa as there are 2 artist under same name
there's two artists under the same name "Cranial" can you check please? They even play a different style of music

thank you!
Hello Deezer -
I found another pair of artists under the same name - The Choir. One is a band from the early 1960s that broke up after just a few years and putting out a small amount of albums. The other The Choir started in the mid 1980s and released over 15 albums and is still active today.

The Choir album (from the 1960s)

some singles by the 1960s Choir

The Choir album current 2018

Can you separate these two artists? In addition there's a few other random The Choir artists who are not related to either. If you can separate these also, It would help my listening experience and be greatly appreciated.
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I've encountered the same problem with Man Man and 3RDegree (both amusingly with rappers having taken over other bands names).
For your consideration :)

There is a rapper called Japan whose releases are mixed in with the British band from the 80s. Can this be sorted?
Hi, I've also have the same problem. There are two 'Kerry Jackson's' but Deezer has put all music under one name. This is two separate artists.

I just added my debut album as my stage name Iuvenis and I noticed that my album was grouped with a remix single by another artist with thr ssme name help
Different artists, could you separate them :
I'm new to Deezer, while selecting the artists I like I noticed that quite a few times different artists are grouped under the same name (f.e. Tony Williams, I think there are 3 different Tony's in there). I believe this is a structural issue.

Please can you solve my artist name being mixed up with the other artist with the same name please?

Many thanks.

This is my music:

This is the other artist who I need separated please:

Many thanks,

This is more so a request to update some minor inconveniences which bother me, as a perfectionist, than a new idea.

It's not a huge deal, but I would love to point out some artists' names, which have minor inconsistencies, if compared with other platforms:
  • Xxxtentacion -> XXXTENTACION (This somewhat bothers me, sorry.)
  • Idk -> IDK
  • Ybn (Nahmir / Cordae / Almighty Jay) -> YBN Nahmir / .... / ....
  • Then there are two profiles, which correspond to the same artist: "Lil Gnar" and "Gnar", because the artist used to go by the name of "Lil Gnar", but then dropped the "Lil", hence "GNAR / Gnar" being the correct name.
  • Juice Wrld -> Juice WRLD
I'm sure there are many more minor inconveniences like the above, but these are the ones I happened to spot at first sight.

To verify the names, you can look up the artist on Genius.

If anyone else comes across other artists, comment below.
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Hi there @Richaustinmusic

Thank you very much for letting us know. I've passed the details on so that everything can be fixed.

Hey @mqrc81 thank you for the input. Our metadata team is currently looking at our catalogue for amendments like the ones you mentioned.