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  • 21 November 2017
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Are there any updates on the listener being able to add and/or correct errors in lyrics? I think it will only add to the awesomeness of the app.

Please report it here and we can get it fixed 🙂 Thanks!
How do you report that a song has the wrong lyrics. Quite sure “Paris” by the Chainsmokers has the wrong lyrics.
Hi everyone ... Job for the Lyrics Team 😋....
Lyrics for "Cage the Elephant / Mess Around"
are from another song => "Bonnie Tyler & Shakin' Stevens / A Rockin' Good Day".
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Hi @OliGus please report this here, see above!
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@Godzilla47 Sorry, a bit late, but I moved your topic to this existing one. Just let us know what Song and where to find the mistake(s) and we'll pass it on to our partner 🙂
Hi back. If I understand what you say ( @Flo.Deezer : "please report this here" / @Godzilla47 : "....I moved your topic to the existing one.."), this is not the right place to post bad lyrics...

So which one is the right one ?
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Hello. This is the place to report wrong lyrics right? I have one song that has wrong lyrics and one song that is out of synchronization.

Wrong lyrics: Problems by Weathers (album: Kids in the night)

wrong sync: Holding on to you by twenty one pilots (album: vessel)
Hi team!🤗🤝
This song contains the not synchronized lyrics
Somewhere Only We Know // Keane
Elastica - Connection. The displayed lyrics are for The Stereo MC's - Connected.
I love deezer! And I want to approve it. Is there any form of feedback where I can report about crash or bug? Arcade fire rebellion (lies) have not compatible lyrics.
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Hi @Anton Brekhov you can report crashes and bugs in the troubleshooting area, this topic here is for wrong lyrics 😉
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The lyrics to guns and roses- Don’t you cry is wrong guys just a suggestion to update it as people can’t use , had to leave and use YouTube for lyrics which was bad as my nephew wanted to learn the words and was let down by my app and started saying the app is not good and that YouTube or Spotify was better lol. Hope I won him over to get the app but I’m not optimistic about it 😒. Don’t get me wrong I love your app fault or not. You will always be my number one app for music 🎵 👌🏾
The lyrics that come with Comethazines song Walk are actually from the song
Eighteen Visions - A short walk down the long hallway
The lyrics from Santana's Why Don't You & I off of the Shaman album are completely wrong.


Not lyrics, but Haddaway Album, track Mamas House plays a different track, can this be corrected
Wrong lyrics for Rehab, Amy Winehouse and Cette année là, Claude François
Wrong lyrics for Rehab, Amy Winehouse and Cette année là, Claude François
Also Whatever you want, P!nk, and Ramona, Jacques Brel
Hi the song Punjab by Karunesh has incorrect lyrics. The lyrics are in punjabi and I wonder who had the nerve to write something absolutely meaningless. Please correct it.
Hi there
The lyrics for Propaganda, by Muse are wrong.

Don't know how you miss one, cause the official video for this song is with the lyrics in it.

Fredos song ‘Star’ has the wrong lyrics.Can you please fix this?
Lyrics in different languages option, or atleast all of them in english option?
I am here to report an issue with a wrong lyrics on the song called "Michael Jackson - Earth's song"
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Hi @AtmozG thanks for pointing this out, I have passed it on 😉
Discover "Verde Que Te Quero Rosa" by Cartola on Deezer

Lyrics from a completely different song.