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Hey @Aloush

Sorry for my reply in English - Arabic isn't supported in the community at the moment.
If you're referring to an artist who you could listen to, when in another country, please see the topic above. You can request the songs through the form 👍🏼
i would like to say that assala album is not available in my country so please help me to resolve this problem
i am living in romania
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Hi @Ali H Hassan

Please check the topic above to find our form 👍🏼
Can U put this album please ? it's almost everywhere but not on deezer 😢
i don't find "ALAN WALKER " music socially "Unity"
Can you please make available the following tracks:

1. The Rock by Hans Zimmer
2. Warriors Suite from Rurouni Kenshin OST1

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Hey @Kacper Tracz @Islam.Siraph @ioblefias

Please have a look above on how to request more songs or albums 😉
I'd like to ask what happens to band Helenine Oci ? All 4 albums were available last week, suddenly can't search for albums and tracks have "not available in your country" label. What happened ??
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Hey @Eduard Kracmar

Please see above for more info on requesting additional content 😉
Dears Support Team,

Pls nota that we didn’t found many songs in Deezer app. Kindly advise how we found it or download it in our Deezer account.
Thank you to finally adding one remix of Whitney's Queen of the night. Please, add the rest of the song's versions.

Thanks again!!!
Why is the "Distant Relatives" by Nas & Damian Marley not available in UK?
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Hey @RetroKnight @Mohamed.Rashed @dmitriy.karp

Please see above for our form, you can request music through that 👍🏼
Hi deezer,

Any chance you can put Ameerah - the sound of missing you? Thank you in advance!
Can you please add shinzou wo sasageyo by Linked Horizon please I need that song in Deezer it would be better for everyone that listens to that song
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Hey @Sewwandi Ellewela @Jomar Ramos

Sure. Have a look above to see our form, where you can request more content to the platform 😉
Hi thank you for your reply... But where can I find the form..?