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Rudi, I think you are missing the point. None of us are requesting a certain song or artist that is not available. WE WANT TO KNOW WHY DEEZER HAS TAKEN SO MANY SONGS AWAY FROM OUR ALREADY ESTABLISHED PLAYLISTS. To lose over 300 songs very recently is totally unacceptable. I lost most of my songs from Tim Hicks. Several Nickleback songs are just suddenly not available. Same with Dean Brody, Tragically Hip, Hedley and many more as well as just some random songs. In the couple years I have been with Deezer, I have never lost this amount of songs. What good does it do to requests songs that we actually already had and have been listening to for some time when the problem is CLEARLY THESE SONGS HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY DEEZER. I would like to see some Bob Seager and Garth Brooks but I know those are hard to get on many streaming sites. That is a Song rights issue. The issue in these posts are disappearing songs that we once had in our playlists and that is a Deezer issue that is not being addressed by Deezer. This is poor service being provided to Deezer subscribers with no explanation. Stop telling us to request songs cause that is not the point. Tell us why we lost the songs.
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Hi Jasperbear and CoolBot98, thank you very much for letting us know! After reading your messages we got in touch with our music acquisition team and found out that we had an issue with one of the labels in the US, therefore you were not able to access some of the tracks. It should work again now! Please have a look and let me know!
if i go to the search bar on the desktop i can find all of the albums i add to the favorites (my albums)
but on the app i can't find them
for instance: Jim Croce - 8 favorite albums on desktop, 2 favorites albums in the app.

any thoughts?

at the headline how many favorites albums do you have the number is correct
Seems my songs are all back now so all is good now. Thanks Rafael.

Please help Roy as per his previous comment. Seems he is having a different issue. My issue was the same on both desktop and the app.
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When I try to play the album Tide (US Version) by Luciana Souza, I get the message, "This track is not available in your country." That doesn't make any sense.
There is no album from Jack de Johnette.
I’m looking for Parallel Realities from with Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland.
Studio and Live. An all-star Line Up. Thx. Emmanuel
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Hey there @Roy.Tangi

Please try reinstalling the app to see if it helps.

@ManuC2002 please use the form above to request the tracks that are missing.
Hi , I’m having the same problem . Since moving to Family subscription, when I download a playlist a few songs don’t download ( there is no green spot next to them just a grey one ). When the music gets to this song it stops playing and you have to manually skip to the next track . How do I download just that song and not have to download the entire playlist again ?
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Hi there @riegelstamm

If you have cleared your app's cache, and the song is not available, you can request using the form here.
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@Rudi Clearing browser cache did nothing, so I requested the album. Still doesn't explain why the US version of an album is not available in the US.
Thank you Rudi!
I don’t see a link. I saw elsewhere the link, but it wasn’t active. Therefore I tried here.
Thank You
Can I find the songs that I "un-liked"? Like is there a list of songs that I removed from my playlist?
I missing this album it is on I tunes why not here its from 2008

Lemar - the Reason
Thanks Rudi!
I found the link in another thread
I can't find sHE's brOKen by Billie Eilish. I am soooooo disappointed. Heeeeelp!!!!
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Hi there @Wachuka @M.Verhoeven

Sorry you couldn't find it. I've moved your comment here so that you can find out how to request it.

@riegelstamm you're right, it makes sense. It can also be temporary, but it's up to the distributors.

@ManuC2002 where did you find it? I need to check it out.

@Marusa at the moment we don't have such feature, but why don't you check our ideas forum out for more suggestions like that? 😉
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@Rudi Tide by Luciana Souza is available in the US on every other major streaming platform except 7Digital & Qobuz:

The distributor is Decca Records France. Are they discriminating against Deezer? I doubt it. Most likely it's just another Deezer screwup.
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Hi there @Quintin Nettmann

You'll know more about the songs unavailable through the information in this topic. In order to download an individual song, a workaround can be adding the track to an empty playlist and then toggle the download for that playlist.
Please could you add Teen Romance to Lil Peeps profile? it’s a popular song of his which I’m surprised isn’t on there x
Hi Rudi

found the link under this link/thread

it took me to this page

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Cheers @ManuC2002 I've update it ;)

Hey @Abi Smith
Have a look in this topic to find out about requesting more content 👍🏼
I can't find any mixtapes by Lil Wayne 😭. I need all of his dedication mixtapes from 1-6.
Hi there!

I'm new here, please help)

Sometimes music services have to delete some albums or tracks, and my question is — will I be able to know, if it happened? Maybe the tracks will be "grey", and I won't be able to listen to them, but at least my playlists will be safe and I'll be able to listen to my music somewhere else.

For example, Google music just deletes tracks, ruining your playlist, that's why I left them

Also can I export playlists from other music services?
hi I want Turkey as the timuçin blowing music
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if timuçin comes in,turkey I will close the spotfire and become a member of the deezer.