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Hello. My problem is that my single (the only thing I've released) is under the name of another artist. The thing is, also, that my artist name is mispelled because it is "Limbö" and not "Limbo". And now it is under another "Limbo". So I need my name changed and a new profile. Here's the link to the single:

Please help me because I've written to you and you tell me it will be fixed but it doesn't :(

Thank you.
Hello. Burial's discography mixed with another artist wich called "Burial" too.
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Hi there @Lil Sif

Please check the first post of this topic for further help 😉
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LOL, what is this:

Please add all releases for artist 2703 under ZZ Top. 😂 Some of them seem to be live bootlegs though, so maybe check if they are legal first.
There's a side project named RECOIL (the one I want to listen to) that former Depeche Mode's member, Alan Wilder, started way back in the 80's.
I've noticed some albums/singles by same named artists are wrongly placed in discography.
Here's a list:

Recoil (house music)

Recoil (electronic, hardstyle)

Recoil (alternative rock)

these are the same artist, Declan O'Rourke, and I suggest they should be merged:
There are a hole bunch of artists called "Versatile" under this artist profile:

However, one of the groups in there is an Irish group named Versatile, and I suggest they are given their own profile, and related to the following discography:

Their social media pages:

(Looks like they were originally called Outburst...)
English artist Fink has an album Танцуй from another artist from Russia. Divide them, please
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Some ZZ Top releases are listed under the artist 2703!
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Hi there @simonali

Please see above for further info on how to report a mistake.
Artist Catharsis has albums from other artist named Catharsis too
Deezer, can you please fix the artist page of Dio? It should be of Ronnie James Dio, from Dio and Rainbow. Best metal singer ever. But it is contaminated with some cheapass artists who happen to have the same name.
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Hey @Desecrator and @zxsavage

Please use the link above to report the required amendments 😉
I just released my first single using tunecore :
Easy Now - Mario
However the song was released on deezer under the wrong artist’s page. This is my first release so I do not have an artist’s page. How can we solve the issue. Plus the lyrics are not available and it is a priority for me so please tell me if I should send you the lyrics.
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@mariofarhat please send us the link to the release and to the artist page the release should be assigned to and we will correct it 😉
Link to my release :
I do not have an artist’s page as this is my first release.
I also would like to add the lyrics, I had the set them on tunecore I don’t understand why they don’t show up.
Hi i just release a new album called (EL ES PODEROSO) and i see they put my album with another artist with the same name as me, how can i change it or what can i do to get my own separate artist page and have my own stuff. this is the page where my album is

this is the artist where my album is

and this is my album