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Rafael. wrote:

Please send us the link! I can have look for you! ;)

Here you go. 🙂
Thanks a lot for your work and effort!
Why 2 artists with same name have one artist page?

For example:

  1. Omnia - Folk group from Netherlands (
  2. DJ Omnia - Ukrainian trance DJ (
And this single page is a mess with albums.

And there are many such examples.


This 3rd artist:

This is 4rth different artist:
mikeltm wrote:

The Typhoon artist page is missing their latest album and is linked to an album from a different artist.


Please add their latest album, "Offerings," to their profile.

Please remove the album "The Project Season 2"



Bumping this because the Typhoon artist page is still a mess. Also, has Deezer considered a better method for managing their artist pages? it seems fundamental to making this system work and yet is extremely flawed.
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Peggy Lee's artist page has 45 albums, but if you just do a search for "Peggy Lee," there are 298 albums, not all of which are hers, but the vast majority are! Why aren't all of her albums listed in the discography on her album page?
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HI @riegelstamm please see above how you can report albums that are placed on the wrong artist page 😉
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Flo.Deezer wrote:

HI @riegelstamm please see above how you can report albums that are placed on the wrong artist page ;)

The problem is not that the albums are assigned to the wrong artist; they simply do not show up on her artist page. For example, the album "Is That All There Is?" shows up at but not Same is true for the other 200 or so albums.
Armin Van Buuren´s project called Gaia is not the same Gaia as listed on link
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Hi @andersonpow you can report here what is not right in our catalogue. Please give us the links to the albums that are on the wrong artist page and the link to the artist page where they should go and we will fix it 😉
French metal band Arkan ( is mixed with other artists. Here are their albums:
Finnish band Indica ( is mixed with other artists. Here is their discography: