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Hi there!

For now, artists can’t edit their own profile, but you can get in touch with our Support team and send links to your social media pages and profile pictures and banners, they might be able to do all for you 🙂

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I don't know if Deezer is able to disambiguate artists with the same name, i.e. create separate profiles for artists with the same name. But I found an example where two artists named Simon Phillips share the same profile without further explanation:


The well-known British drummer and the Australian folk blues singer and guitarist also both have an album "Out of the Blue" with a track "Out of the Blue" which makes it even more complicated to differentiate them:


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I have shared this comment with our Catalogue team! Hope they can make the change soon 🙂
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Thank you, Mafe. To make it easier for them these are the albums by the Australian folk blues singer:




I have no idea about that single, but it sounds as if it was the Australian musician again:


By the way, I saw this when searching for the new "Protocol 4" album by the British drummer. Do you happen to know if Deezer will release it soon? It is already available on Amazon for example, and Simon Phillips is currently touring in Europe with his new Protocol 4 band.
Hi, good morning! :)

I'm manage a Brazilian artist called Aiace and recently she released her first CD called Dentro Ali. We're having trouble because there are two other profiles in her name and we'd like to check the possibility to put all of those profiles together in the main account (the one with her CD). A lot of fans are having problems to find the right account and I hope that someone can help us with it.

Best Regards,
Deezer is lacking a non live version of Peter Gabriel's sledge hammer I would like very much for you to add a studio version if possible.
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Hey @bluezzbastardzz

The team just told me that they could fix the profile for Simon Phillips:



Cheers 🙂
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Thank you very much, looking forward to Protocol 4 then! 🙂
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Hi Edmilia

Can you please send me the links to Aiace's profile and her Album.

Can you guys please add 88 Glam? They're a pair of rappers from Toronto. They've got a self-titled album that I'd love to see on Deezer
The page of the artist Solange Knowles is not entirely correct. The song that appears first in the top songs — "Conselho Amigo (Ao Vivo)" — is not from Solange Knowles. I suggest that you review the artist page.

I'm an artist and I got 2 songs on your site that I had uploaded through Tunecore. how can I manage my songs and my artist profiles on your site?

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They need to do it, not Deezer
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Hi @Ori Ronen, we don't have direct access for artists to manage their profiles, but if you want to change your pics or add bio/social media links, send our support team a message on on this link and they'll help you with that 🙂
I actually miss the complete Peter Gabriel discography (I am connecting from Slovakia/Austria)
Could you please add 88Glam, they have done collabs with many famous rap artists but don’t seem to appear on Deezer. Thank you
The album https://www.deezer.com/us/album/13983370 plays wrong songs. This album displays Sirano and Sirino band, but plays another singer.

the following albums of our artist Egon are included in the discography of an artist of the same name, is it possible to create a new artist page for the Egon which includes only his two albums?

thank you.


MizarElektricWaves label

Page artist: http://www.deezer.com/it/artist/450332

Page release Il cielo rosso è nostro: http://www.deezer.com/it/album/50816262

Page realese 100000 km di vene: http://www.deezer.com/it/album/53341762
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Hi Jucie!

Thanks for letting us know! I will pass this feedback to our music team!

Let you know when they give me an answer!
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Hi @MizarElektricWaves , please get in touch with our support team here, they will be able to help you with this! 🙂
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Hi @Edmilia Barros

Everything is ok with the profile of the artist? If not, can you please send us the links to be sure we talk about the same content 🙂


I just noticed that the name "Leader" is taken by at least two bands who have songs available on Deezer:

  • http://www.weareleadermusic.com/ "Leader": rock band from Chicago (since 2014)
  • http://www.bandmine.com/leader225 "Leader/K.A.R.": rap and hip hop

The problem is now that both artists are treated as one on Deezer and e.g. listening through their songs will mix those from both: http://www.deezer.com/de/artist/1414995/top_track

I don't know whether there is any official procedure to report such a situation or whether Deezer actually can and/or wants to act upon this, so please excuse if this post is inappropriate here.

Anyway, I'd love if these artists could be distinguished.

Thank you for reading.
When is this problem gonna be fixed? The band "Om" is nowhere to be found, and instead, it's listed under "öm". I guess noone here cares about doom metal.
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Hi @ByteCommander

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I will pass your request to our team, they will help us! I keep you updated!
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Hi @aslan_egos , thanks for letting us know! Could you please post here the link of the artist's page? I can't find anything with the name of Öm.

We definitely can look into it! 😉

As you can see here, a doom metal legend Om is mixed up with a band called Öm.