Promote your favourite LESSER known artist on Deezer

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Maybe they're a new artist, maybe they've been around for years but they don't get the attention they deserve, or you think they are so underrated.  Whatever the case may be, here's your chance to help them out.  Post the link to your favorite song of theirs and lets get them some listeners.

Here’s mine:

This song is so underrated, it only has 0,09/10 population bar.

Underrated, never heard of song for most of Deezerheads?

Share yours and let’s help them together… Some releases are here for AGES and population bar is nearly zero than 10. It is a sad thing in a way because so many good music is not heard.

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It’s a sad world we live in… You need to do “Dua Lipa” to be popular on Deezer.

Popularity bar in this amazing remix is only…



Popularity bar in this amazing remix is only…


Why and why, why I am asking. Have a listen and add more.

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I feel like crying…

Popularity bar 0.00 / 10 ??? This track is amazing for your diet.


Popularity bar 0.18 / 10. What’s wrong with this popularity bar?

I listen and listen this songs, and no single dime is adding. How much I need to listen?

Help your lesser known artists!

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I like your topic @hpguru I'll be looking to promote this thread too :relaxed:

Perhaps you'd like to add to your signature so that people can see it :thumbsup_tone2:

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I like your topic @hpguru I'll be looking to promote this thread too :relaxed:

Perhaps you'd like to add to your signature so that people can see it :thumbsup_tone2:

I am listening underground hard dance too.

Dance music hard way no one heard of on Deezer.

This one has popularity bar 0.00/10 on Deezer.


Released in 2013… Gonna try the track mix when possible to see where it might get me…

I found out that unheard songs not have decent trackmixes on radio.

They are mostly not related to the song on Deezer.

Some tracks I listen are 0.00/10 on Deezer since release decade ago… I hope these artists will not lose their motivation… we need to help them with listening and promoting their stuff.

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Lesser heard artist DJs @ Work.

This is a bit hard, but not too hard this time.

This is hard trance for your finest pleasure, I am listening it just now!

If you have 2 extra hours to listen this bargain, you can’t go wrong.

I am discovering hard dance on Deezer all the time listening much new and old classics.

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Royal & The Serpent are seriously underrated. A Billie Eilish sense to the music. I'd like to seem this artist promoted.

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Hey @DrEvil 

I'd love to hear that!

Please post the links here:


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0.00 of 10 all releases almost… this is what I am listening…

Please help these artists (they’ve must lose their motivation by now)…

My favourite remix is:

Purenergy Extended.

This is insane, this release is from 2007, and still has 0.00 popularity on Deezer.

I feel like crying… 14 years passed and almost no one heard it on Deezer.

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Don't cry, @hpguru it happens with many great musicians. But you're doing the right thing! :relaxed:

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Released in 2005. Popularity bar on deezer for both songs 0.00 of 10

What’s wrong with this world… Just had my first stream.

These artists are both gone from the scene, but at least I still listen them. Maybe they didn’t get enough listeners and decided to stop. Many lose their motivation in very big return.

I think Deezer should pay only artist I listen, not the other way around.

I am glad they are working on it, as I do not want to support charts I have no listen.

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Released in 2014. Still on 0.24 out of 10.

I am a raver, not a fvkcing drug addict! What a masterpiece this hardcore song is!

I listen this rave music daily and I do not do any drugs or alcohol ever.

I don’t know why this happens, but I added it to my lists.

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Deezer’s new feature promoted me…

0.12 of 10 popularity bar, insane happy hardcore track made hard style.

I like this new feature on Deezer home page, You might love. Check it out and discover!

I like this music, this is perfect and it’s making me dance…

I added it to my hard style playlist:

They are really listening at Deezer. I wouldn’t expect to find this recommended by Deezer.

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HARDCORE 24/7!!!

0.55 out of 10. Popular?! IYF… Nobody… Should tell it.

0.40 out of 10 popularity, what’s this? The bad thing is I need to sleep for a trip soon…

0.55 out of 10. I'll listen once more.

and deezer plays this… and I wake up feeling… like cant sleep.

HARDCORE 24/7 with you…. HiFi quality do not miss.

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This track you never heard of. About 0.01 popularity of 10.

Can we make it better just a bit?

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I am about to leave for a greatest escape. Before I do, I’d promote this thing.

0.24 of 10 is popularity and it’s 2016 piece. What takes? Is Deezer less popular beyond hard dance listeners? I am drinking my soft drink, and then I will walk more this music tuning in.

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The underground club… hmm, I see, I see…

My fave artists from LEAST underrated (which is still UNDERrated!) to the MOST underrated ones

(But this is mostly about underrated genres rather than artists)


1. Amber Run

what? Yeah they’re pop, among pop culture and all. But honestly AR, Kodaline, James Bay or Seaftret deserve more! 
In fact, INDIE POP deserves more. They’re way way way wayyyyyyyyy better than Billie or Taylor Swift or other big pop icons. So I think Amber Run as an example of perfect, high quality indie pop, is definitely underrated. 


(We have 2 artists ranked 2 here)


2. Rammstein

They’ve achieved a lot, biggest icon of Industrial Metal and giving the fact that they don’t even sing in English but have fans around the whole world, they surely are on the ground (maybe a little bend over their knees- but hey that’s the whole philosophy behind industrial =)) )

Rammstein’s points and stories however, are underrated. With politics & philosophy being in their DNA, they carefully craft their ideas, points and messages around layers of metaphors and hypothetical realities. Pay more attention to them. Pay more and deeper attention to Industrial genre in general. Figure out their symbols and purposes.

2. Anathema

I own my musical taste and variety to these guys, if you still haven’t heard anything from Anathema, you’re wasting your time in this world! 
Not only Anathema but Basically the whole PROGRESSIVE METAL genre. Artists like Opeth, Riverside, Antimatter, Leprous or Soen!
Stop overpaying Power metal, calm a bit down, get more spiritual and feel more with Prog metal instead!

This is tiring. I’ll be back with part 2, the actual under ground. Bye for now 😘



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Ohhhh I really liked Amber Run! @SaraJaleh cool vibes music, pretty much what I've been listening to at the moment :sunglasses:

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0.22 of 10 popularity.

0.21 out of 10.

0.03 out of 10.

GOA PSY TRANCE I can listen 24/7.

Deezer, you soon need to give unlimited likes on your service. There’s too much to discover and too much to like now especially when I did quit my job and have time to use Deezer… no need to work.

I did it 4 months ago and I do not regret. Relaxing with psy goa trance and no work.

Just search new music and writing my blog. At home and spa’s.

I turn radio or TV no more. As soon as you discover the darker side of a Deezer, you’ll never go back to hits or charts. Not even once. Goa Psy Trance deserves all my attention today. Thanks :)

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I still find lesser known hard dance bands.

0.26 of 10 in Deezer.

They are even under rated on Spottily, only has 5,859 streams. I added 5,860th stream.

I am not sure why that, but this music makes me cry from happiness ! :arrow_forward::loud_sound:

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This artist is great. It has this indie pop vibe so cool.


Listen here!



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This Underrated song named Underrated is so Underrated on Deezer.

0.99 out of 10 only.

I added few streams. I hope Deezer is paying royalties. So Underrated him can get my dimes.

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If something is creating literally dust, it’s this.

0.19 out of 10 and on Spotify too it’s creating dust, only 3 592 streams since 2004 release date.

This is what music I listen.

The most funny thing is that this release is named:

I literally LIVE for this music. Someone will play it at my funeral too.

The another version is from 2004 too.

0.16 of 10 on Deezer and ONLY 1,089 streams on Spotify. In what? in 17 years.

This music is reason #1 I pay monthly for music app 10,99 to stream this stuff out loud.

I don’t want to pay a DIME for top charts and hope someone will make UCPS happen.