Problem with volume of album "Sonido Místico"

Hello everyone, have a nice day.
My problem is with the volumen of the álbum "Sonido Místico" from "Los Choclok", specially with the song called: "Bonita". But in general all the album had a low volumen out of normal, this listens so low in every music dispositive.

¿So, can please, re-record the album, or in fact, make a solution? I ll be so grateful

For now, thank you very much.

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Hi there @Brayan Londoño H

As a streaming platform, Deezer doesn't record or edit the songs, they're made available by the distributors.
I've also listened to the whole album and the volume seems fine. Perhaps you should try clearing the app's cache to see if it helps. But send me the exact link for the version you've listened to 😉
Hello Rudi, thank you for help me.

This is the link:

Actually i use Android dispositive.

Please, Tell me how you seems this version.