Missing album of Snow Patrol

  • 10 February 2019
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Why is the album Fallen Empires of Snow Patrol not available on Deezer in The Netherlands?

Best answer by helene.deezer 11 February 2019, 13:40

Hi @bardor I'll let you read this handy topic 😉
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5 replies

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Hi @bardor I'll let you read this handy topic 😉
Thanks for your reply. All other albums of Snow Patrol are available on Deezer. Only Fallen Empires is missing. Can you please explain?
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Hi @bardor we can only provide our users with what labels give us permission to stream. Have a re-read to the topic I linked in my previous answer, everything is explained 😉.

I'm missing it too 😭

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Hi there @Hubusculubus 

Have you checked this topic here? If not, please do, and don't forget to use the form :wink: