How to add a specific Explore category ?

  • 6 September 2020
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I am am French and used to listen a lot to French music, but I live in Israel and there I have created my Deezer account.
In the “Explore” section I see some language or culture categories: as Hebrew, Mediterranean, Russian, etc… All this is fine. But I can’t manage to get a FRENCH category. I understand it is not the “default” in Israel, but could you let us either :

  1. Make a personal selection of the EXPLORE categories we want to follow. I know that in France there are many French styles in Deezer, why don’t make all the categories optional for all ?
  2. If not possible, at least let us choose the COUNTRY we would like to be linked to ? In a global world as today - even with the pandemic - living in a specific country does not mean that you share automatically the musical culture of the country, or that you would not like to hear music from another culture.
  3. Thanks !! Pierre

1 reply

You can actually select your “preferred country reference” (my phrasing) in your Deezer account’s preferences. And you can change that as often as you like.

I am in a similar situation that you are in: I live in Germany and I love my language - therefore, I am suffering from bad podcasts in that language and prefer listening to English language podcasts. I simply switched my account’s “country” to UK and now get BBC and even American podcasts AND MUSIC playlists offered. 

It’s not a perfect solution, a filter for song language would be way more “natural”, but it looks like most development suggestions get piped to “/dev/null” at Deezer, so we have to make the best of the options we have .-)